Rich Freeman | 15 Jul 15:21 2012

Re: Recruitment process is moving back to quizzes

On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 6:11 AM, Peter Stuge <peter <at>> wrote:
> I've been managing my own overlay and a few private ones for a few
> years now, all while using catalyst to build more or less customized
> Linux systems for me and for others.
> I dive into bugzilla when a bug bites, and I'll usually generate a
> patch.
> Am I actually developing for Gentoo Linux already?

I think most would say yes - you just don't have official recognition,
or commit access.

I think that this would be a benefit of moving to git - anything which
reduces the need to have commit access but do useful work is a good
thing in my mind.  Tools like gerrit and github will also facilitate

That said, none of this will eliminate the need to have more people
merging commits.  Right now our model is that the dev who merges the
patch is the one to blame when things go wrong.  While that works
better than a "merge whatever you want - blame the contributor" model,
there does need to be some balance.  There are tons of patches in
bugzilla for stuff that isn't well-maintained, and perhaps a little
more freedom to improve packages without having to take full
responsibility for them would be a good thing.  The all-or-nothing
model too often turns out to be nothing.