Peter Stuge | 15 Jul 16:32 2012

Re: Recruitment process is moving back to quizzes

Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> > you need to set aside a block of time (and usually two
> ...and you don't need to be able to put in that level of attention
> every now and again when you're a developer?

Not the same amount of meta time, no.

I agree with the estimate of about two days for the quizzes. This
might not seem much, but I think that the idiots that the quizzes
are designed to keep out can spend two (or four/eight if they need)
days to pass anyway with a little dedication, while less idiotic
idiots such as perhaps myself need years because we're doing
whatever work as opposed to learning foundation bylaws by heart.

I am exaggerating on purpose but maybe you get the point.

Really good recruitment basically has a different process for every
recruit. That obviously does not scale.