justin | 22 Jan 10:32 2014

New developer: Samuel Damashek (sdamashek)

Hello everyone,

please join me in welcoming Samuel Damashek (sdamashek) as the newest
member of our dev crew.

His joining is on time for the recent discussion around GLSA, as he is
interested and already contributed to our security project. So expect
more GLSA flow coming in in the future.

In addition there are many packages in the tree already maintained by
him through the proxy-maint[1] project.

He will be also working in the webapps and python project.

This short snipplet is from the interview:

jlec: Why do you want to become a Gentoo developer?
sdamashek: ... I love developing and contributing to projects like this,
and want to give back.

It's a nice stance on voluntary and open projects, isn't it?

And now some lines he wrote himself:

I’m from Seattle, Washington and love robotics. I mentor three VEX
robotics teams. I’m currently a student in Fairfax, Virginia. My
interests are networking, cybersecurity, and open-source development.

So please give him a warm welcome,