Serge Hallyn | 1 Mar 14:53 2013

Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTSEnablementStack: missing user namespace

Quoting Christoph Mitasch (cmitasch@...):
> Hello,
> I'm running a Ubuntu 12.04 system with LXC system containers.
> Ubuntu 12.04.2 offers a 3.5 kernel through the LTSEnablementStack.
> This 3.5 kernel does apparently NOT support user namespaces.
> Is this a problem for LXC system containers on 12.04?
> Should a bug report be filed for that?

User namespaces simply cannot be used in 12.04 (or 12.10
or 13.04 for that matter).  Soon after 13.04 they will be
fully supported.

To run with user namespaces in 13.04 you will be able to use
the kernel at ppa:ubuntu-lxc/kernel.  Or it's possible that a
backport kernel (which are officially supported by the kernel
team) might work.

(I'm mostly ignoring here the switch to rolling release).


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