mailadmin | 2 Mar 04:47 2004

This is an auto-generated mail, please donot reply.If helpline/Tedweb has size restrictions for attachements, please mail to mailadmin <at> with the reference helpline/tedweb call number.

Dear User,

To enable us to provide improved level of service with status updates along with monitored SLA, we request you to log a call either in or as applicable for all Mail Admin queries, problems and requests. 

Helpline Categories: - For most of E-mail Administration related issues such as

  • Account Lockout Problems
  • Account Renewal Problems
  • Display Name / Mail ID Change
  • Dot forward Removal Request
  • Group Alias Modification Request
  • Information / Queries
  • Mail Delay / Mail Bounce
  • Password Reset
  • Others

If you have any problem in accessing helpline please contact IMG Helpdesk

Wipro VoiceNet(VoIP): 808-4444
WI Hotline: 082 001
Tel # 91-80-8520408 Extn 4444;
Direct Line: 91-80-511955555
Toll free (from US) # 1-877-462-9477 Option 3, Option 1
Toll free (
Europe) #00800 7878 7777 Option 1, Option 4
Email:imghelpdesk <at>

TEDWEB Categories: -

·        Internet Access

·        Email Related Requests

1.     New E-mail ID Creation

2.     E-mail ID Transfer Request

3.     E-mail Forward Request

4.     Increase Mailbox Size Request

5.     Email Group Alias Request

·        Remote Access Request

BROADCAST  Requests:-

Please mail to broadcast.request <at> for any broadcast requests.

Request you to kindly co-operate to help us serve you better.

Please note the action will be taken only for the calls logged as above.


Mail Administrator