Hauke Mehrtens | 25 Apr 14:51 2011

ath9k: Regression in 2.6.38 (30% package losses, ~20KBit/s throughput) with AR9285


with kernel 2.6.38 the wifi connection with my Atheros AR9285 is
unusable when the distance from the AP is more that 3 meters. (30%
package losses, ~20K/s throughput compared to ~3M/s) Tested with two
cards on different devices. With kernel 2.6.35 or kernel 2.6.38 +
compat-wireless 15 meters distance is no problem. The problem only
occurs in 2.6.38-rc1 to but not in any more recent versions. I
did a git bisect and found the commit fixing the problem.

commit 115dad7a7f42e68840392767323ceb9306dbdb36
Author: Felix Fietkau <nbd@...>
Date:   Fri Jan 14 00:06:27 2011 +0100

    ath9k_hw: partially revert "fix dma descriptor rx error bit parsing"


Please send this commit to the stable series for 2.6.38.

The problem is also described at the Ubuntu launchpad:

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