Kyle Moffett | 21 Aug 15:09 2010

Re: [PATCH 01/19] User-space API definition

On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 04:45, Miloslav Trmač <mitr <at>> wrote:
> This patch introduces the new user-space API, <ncr.h>.
> Quick overview:
> * open("/dev/crypto") to get a FD, which acts as a namespace for key and
>  session identifiers.
> * ioctl(NCRIO_KEY_INIT) to allocate a key object; then generate the key
>  material inside the kernel, load a plaintext key, unwrap a key, or
>  derive a key.  Similarly the key material can be copied out of the
>  kernel or wrapped.
> [...snip...]

Ugh... We already have one very nice key/keyring API in the kernel
(see Documentation/keys.txt) that's being used for crypto keys for
NFSv4, AFS, etc.  Can't you just add a bunch of cryptoapi key types to
that API instead?

David Howells added to CC, since I believe he wrote most of that code initially.

Kyle Moffett