Andres Salomon | 11 Dec 20:00 2010

Re: [Sugar-devel] DebXO 0.6 release

On Sat, 11 Dec 2010 11:22:28 +0100
Sascha Silbe <sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-4 <at>> wrote:

> Excerpts from Andres Salomon's message of Sat Dec 11 01:11:01 +0100
> 2010:
> > [...] Key bindings are pulled from DMI and loaded by udev (note:
> >    upgrade your version of OFW if hitting the 'fn' key results in
> > lots of '='s.
> Does this actually work for you right now? It stopped working for me
> some time ago (don't know exactly when unfortunately). "udevadm test

Yes.  I've got a Q2E41 machine (running gnome) where it doesn't work,
and a Q2E45 machine where it does work (running lxde).  That's my

> /class/input/event3" shows exactly what I expected (including that it
> would run "keymap input/event3 olpc-xo" which will make the keyboard
> work correctly if run manually), so I'm at a loss.
> >  - Nodm doesn't currently set ~/.Xauthority; see
> > .
> Thanks for the pointer, that might explain why X forwarding (in ssh)
> is sometimes broken for me.

I haven't heard anything from the nodm folks, so I'm starting to
suspect we're going to have to fix it ourselves..

> >  - The volume/brightness keys are mapped to function keys. It's
> > unclear how best to handle this, as it is useful to have f11, for
> > example. Will figure something out later.
> There was a thread about it several weeks or months ago on
> devel <at> l.l.o. It came up in context of the non-membrane keyboard
> layouts IIRC.

After releasing 0.6, I installed olpc-kbdshim and the keys Just Work.
Oh well.  I've uploading a new olpc-kbdshim to debian, and I'll try to
get it a quick fix in for squeeze (it needs to
check /proc/device-tree/model rather than /ofw/model), and then I'll
start including olpc-kbdshim.

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