Franck Bui | 19 Aug 16:25 2011

[ANNOUNCE] Kernel Desktop v2.6.39.4-2.1


The new release v2.6.39.4-2.1 of Mandriva kernel is available and it's
now based on the v2.6.39.4 stable kernel.

The following components have been used to make it up:

  kernel-mdv.git        : v2.6.39.4-2
  kernel-configs.git    : v2.6.39.4-2
  kdist.git             : v0.0.4-2-gcac9

Major change: the kernel config is that the IDE subsystem has been
disabled: we were still using the old drivers instead of the ATA ones
(eek !) which has caused some troubles for users having some cd/dvd

While at it I started to add a couple of fixes that were available for
the 3.0-stable tree.

Here are the details that happened since the previous release

  * New: (23)
    + perf: Fix SIGIO handling
    + mm: fix wrong vmap address calculations with odd NR_CPUS values
    + drm/radeon/kms: fix regression is handling >2 heads on cedar/caicos
    + lguest: allow booting guest with CONFIG_RELOCATABLE=y
    + hwmon: (ibmaem) add missing kfree
    + ASoC: Fix binding of WM8750 on Jive
    + ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: Correct offset fields of outbound iso_frame_desc
    + ASoC: Tegra: tegra_pcm_deallocate_dma_buffer: Don't OOPS
    + atm: br2864: sent packets truncated in VC routed mode
    + USB: Serial: Added device ID for Qualcomm Modem in Sagemcom's HiLo3G
    + USB: xhci: fix OS want to own HC
    + USB: usb-storage: unusual_devs entry for ARM V2M motherboard.
    + staging: rtl8192u: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
    + USB: assign instead of equal in usbtmc.c
    + USB: ftdi_sio: fix minor typo in get_ftdi_divisor
    + usb/config: use proper endian access for wMaxPacketSize
    + mm: Fix fixup_user_fault() for MMU=n
    + e1000e: alternate MAC address does not work on device id 0x1060
    + ath9k_hw: Fix incorrect Tx control power in AR9003 template
    + ath9k: fix a misprint which leads to incorrect calibration
    + ath5k: fix error handling in ath5k_beacon_send
    + ath9k_hw: update PMU to improve ripple issue for AR9485
    + Mandriva Release v2.6.39.4-2