nrdlnd | 8 Mar 00:32 2005

Re: The USB problem - comparison Mepis and Kanotix

I've tried to put the lines from Kanotix in Mepis fstab but it doesn't help -
still no dynamic entry for the card reader so I can't mount it (as I can in
Kanotix). There is so many other advantages with Mepis so I wait for a fix or go
back to 2004.6.


On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 09:50 , Bad Dog <Bad_Dog@...> sent:

>nrdlnd@... wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried Kanotix and my USB flascard reader works in Kanotix  but not in Mepis.
>> It's the same kernel  2.6.10 but maybe with different patches.
>Funny you should mention Kanotix, I installed it yesterday, it's the 
>first linux OS to make my tv card work. :)
>I had to fix source list, no problem. Yes, it use a custom Kanotix 
>2.6.10 kernel. I boot SimplyMEPIS-2004.06, Win 2k Pro or Kanotix now. :)
>I think Ross would like it, as it do auto mount.
>regards, Bad Dog
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