Edward Mendelson | 15 Apr 20:57 2012

Non-bolded display of second VGA font bank?


I wonder if there is any possibility of fixing a minor problem in 
DOSEMU? WordPerfect for DOS (and I believe some other applications) has 
an option to use a 512-character VGA font, using a second "bank" for the 
second font; this second bank seems to replace the bold font available 
for normal VGA.

DOSEMU can display this second bank (i.e., it can display 512 
character), but the "upper" 256 characters display in bold. For an 
illustration of the problem, please see this post on the DOSBox forum, 
where DOSBox displays exactly the same problem that DOSEMU displays:


As you can see from the screen shots, VirtualPC displays the 
512-character font correctly. The illustration that I posted for DOSBox 
shows the behavior also shown by DOSEMU.

Is there any possibility of fixing this?

Thank you!

Edward Mendelson
Contributing Editor
PC Magazine

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