Luca BRUNO | 11 Apr 17:38 2012

Re: 6lowpan in Ethernet packets

Alexander Smirnov scrisse:

> Got it!
> Hm, definitely it's possible, but I suspect that it looks more like
> ugly hack. The more appropriate solution I guess will be usage of fake
> drivers. I've set reminder to check this possibility, hope there will
> be some free time slot this week :-(

A similar question was posed (by me) during the last IRC meeting:
what about plugging the 15.4/6lowpan layer on top of a tun/tap

From the log:

<kaeso>	lumag: speaking of testing, would it be possible in
        theory to plug the 802.15.4+6lowpan stack on top of a tuntap to
        virtual route frames or inject them via pcap? 
<lumag>	Probably not directly. 
<lumag>	You can use fakelb driver from linux-zigbee tree. It
        allow one to create several interconnected radios. Then you can
        have 802.15.4 on one of the radios and monitor on the other and
        use monitor to inject frames via pcap. 
<kaeso>	(I'm not even sure if this is possible with mac80211,
  just an idea) 
<lumag>	fakelb was created to work with this kind
        of setups.

Yet, if it is doable, I would be glad to help testing and debugging

Cheers, Luca


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