Solar Designer | 10 Nov 02:57 2005

[openwall-announce] new Owl-current SPARC binaries are available


As some of you are aware, we have not been building Owl-current for
non-x86 architectures during post-1.1 development.  However, as we
approach another Owl release, this has started to change.

The most recent Owl-current binary packages for SPARC architecture have
been made available under /pub/Owl/current/sparc on the FTP mirrors:

With these packages installed, the system passes a self-rebuild test
(which takes over 9 hours on an UltraSparc IIi 400 MHz) with no issues.

I would like to thank Alexandr D. Kanevskiy (kad <at> ) for his contribution
to this effort.


Alexander Peslyak <solar at>
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