Axel Straschil | 9 Nov 17:03 2006

Configuring Network Interfaces per Script


Im installing FC6 with a kickstart on HP servers with 4 NIC's, two onboard
and a pci-card with two more interfaces.

The internal become eth2/3, the external become eth0/1, and after the
installation, fedora gives me another interface eth4, so I got eth2
twice ;-)

Im installing ks with dhcp over eth2 with option ksdevice=eth2.

Anyway, what I want ist to say in the %post section of my kickstart-file
that anaconda should delete all eth? interfaces and reinstall them like I
need them, also binding the eth's to a MAC addres with the HWADDR

In fc5, I did this with something like
rm -f /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth*
and then creating the ifcfg-eth? files per script.
Doing that with FC6, I get with magic an ifcfg-eth4 which i didn't create,
and errors when booting.

So, my question: What ist the best method to configure the NIC's within a
script and bind then to a specific MAC?

Thanks, AXEL.


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