Petr Pisar | 17 Mar 16:36 2014

unalz to remove from Fedora


it has been `discovered' that unalz package bundles bzip2 sources
(bug #1076853). In my opinion, it's not possible to unbundle here
because the sources are modified at low level to implement ALZip

Beacuse I was not even able to find any ALZip archive example on the
net, I think it's time to remove the package from Fedora (21).

If there is an hacker volunteering to fix this issue, I can give him the
package. Otherwise I will retire the package in one week.

About unzip: unzip is a command line tool for decompressing ALZip
archives. The format <> was (is?)
popular in South Korea in the end of 1990s. The source code has Korean

-- Petr


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