Stuart Winter | 3 Jan 20:06 2011

Thinking about changing Slackware ARM to armv5t baseline


Since officially at the moment, Slackware ARM supports systems which have
an ARMv5t minimum CPU, I am thinking of changing the baseline target CPU
to be armv5t, rather than armv4t as it is at the moment.

The reasoning is that:
 1. I don't think the ARMedslack user base is huge and
 2. Of that user base, who is actually using a system with anything less
    than an armv5 CPU?

In my experience, armv4t systems are
 1. Slow CPUs
 2. Little RAM
 3. Lack high capacity storage
 4. Generally unsuitable to have any sort of enjoyable user experience
    running a general purpose OS such as Slackware.

Therefore, I'd rather get whatever minimal improvements there are to be
had by compiling for armv5t.



Stuart Winter
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