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From: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel-QcRmU36LScxyC2I0vPwN6RvVK+yQ3ZXh <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: New X2Go releases: x2goserver, x2goclient, nx-libs aka x2goagent
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.announce
Date: Saturday 10th November 2012 12:50:03 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Dear all,

The X2Go Project is proud to announce a couple of new X2Go core  
component releases:

   - x2goserver (
   - x2goclient (
   - nx-libs (incl. x2goagent,

All new packages are already available in our stable repositories  
(Debian,      Ubuntu). The binaries for Windows / Mac OS of X2Go  
Client will follow ASAP.

[email protected]: Mihai (Mac OS build?), Alex (Windows build?)

In the new X2Go Server release several issues got addressed:

   o X2Go server now works with i18n ,,Desktop'' folder names (using XDG
     detecting the folder name)
   o Prevent x2gocleansessions from leaving zombie processes behind

In x2goclient, several new features have been added. We urgently ask  
to report back new issue that may have come up by this massive code  

   o Native / local RDP client support (Linux only, use it on your
   o Encapsulate X2Go-proxied fullscreen RDP session in desktop X2Go
     not rootless anymore. => X2GO logo appears on screen after session
     startup of such an RDP session
   o Add SSH proxy and HTTP proxy support (HTTP proxy is only usable with a
     libssh version not yet released, so this feature won't work for most
     of you...)
   o Fix creation of desktop shortcut icons for launching individual
     profiles in hidden mode
   o Fix broken Xinerama support (got broken when we fixed x2goclient being
     able to handle non-bash login sessions)
   o new desktop shell in session type configuration: XFCE
   o add package: x2goplugin-provider, shows an example plugin
     (visit: http://localhost/x2goplugin.html)
   o Much work on the HTTP broker client code
   o SSH broker added to the client code
   o Fix x2goplugin (Failed to resolve hostname issue)
   o New translations: Spanish, Danish (Thanks to Ricardo and
   o Updated translation files (thanks to the other translators, too!!!)

In nx-libs the tarball installer has been improve. It now installs in  
the same way as is done by the Debian packaging intelligence (only  
difference, it installs to /usr/local). No configure script for  
nx-libs.git, yet, but hopefully we have someone (Ralf) working on it  
for some future release of nx-libs.

People packaging nx-libs should thoroughly check their packaging



x2goserver ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   * Bugfix release (
     - Fix for non-well-tested x2gomountdirs script.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Wed, 07 Nov 2012 20:57:54 +0100

x2goserver ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   [ St├ęphane Graber ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add a very basic SIGCHLD handler to x2gocleansessions. on SIGCHLD
       let the script wait for cleaning up after its children. (Closes
       upstream issue #38).

   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Fix x2gogetapps when rendering multi-section .desktop files. (Closes
       upstream issue #43).
     - Remove redundant setting of loglevel in x2gogetapps.
     - Fix ,,Only extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH by Xrandr extension for KDE.
       GNOME.'' from last release.
     - Detect i18n name of Desktop folder via XDG_DESKTOP_DIR environment
     - Put option of database call in x2gogetagent into parantheses.
   * /debian/control:
     + Depend on libfile-basedir-perl.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Wed, 07 Nov 2012 16:36:36 +0100


x2goclient ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Rebuild i18n files, add x2goclient_dk.ts for the new
       Danish translator (Christoffer Krakou).
     - Update German translation.
     - Run X2Go-proxied RDP session with fullscreen mode as sessions
       of X2Go session type "D". (Closes upstream issue #22)
     - Allow pass-through of username and password for X2Go-proxied RDP
       sessions. The strings X2GO_USER and X2GO_PASSWORD in rdpoptions
       will be replaced by username+password enter into X2Go Clients
       login dialog. Only replace username+password if they received a
       value from the login widget of the main window.
     - Drop i18n idea to translate English to English.
     - Fix creation of session profile icon on desktop. The .desktop
       files need the x-bit set. Also: add a compatibility profile name
       rewrite for PyHoca-GUI profile names containing a slash, PyHoca-GUI
       uses a slash as separator character for submenu cascades.
     - Use ,,printf'' instead of ,,echo -e'' (Bashism). Fixes creation of
       xinerama.conf files.
     - Add XFCE as possible session type. (Closes upstream issue: #51)
   * /debian/control:
     + Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers  
     + Add rdesktop and xfreerdp to Recommends.
     + Priority: optional.
     + Bin:package x2goplugin-provider: depend on x2goplugin.
   * New bin:package (all): x2goplugin-provider. Provide basic Apache2
     configuration for a demo x2goplugin website.
   * Bump Standards version to 3.9.3.

   [ Daniel Lindgren ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Swedish translation.

   [ Terje Andersen ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Norwegian Bokmal translation.

   [ Christoffer Krakou ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add Danish translation to x2goclient.
     - Proof read Danish translation.
     - Update DirectRDP in Danish translation.

   [ Oleksandr Shneyder ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add settings for direct RDP connection.
     - Implement direct RDP connection using standalone client.
     - Build direct RDP feature only for linux.
     - Add DEFINES += __linux__ to project file when building linux
       (need to define Q_OS_LINUX in moc generator).
     - Update "ts" files.
     - Fixed label "SSH port" and "RDP port" to "SSH port:" and "RDP
       Update "ts" files once again.
     - Add translation for label "RDP port:". Update "ts" files updated
       Russian translation.
     - Add translation for checkbox "Direct RDP Connection" and update
       and German translation.
     - Restart pulse server on windows if it crashed.
     - Show "Advanced Options" button only if RDP session chosen.
     - Fixing kbd focus issue for all kinds of sessions in thinclient mode.
       (Closes upstream issue #20).
     - Add command line parameter --ssh-key and --autologin.
     - Disable check box "use default sound port" if sound disabled.
     - Add support for HTTP proxy - developed by Heinrich Schuchardt
       ([email protected]). Closes upstream issue
     - Add support for SSH proxy in class SshMasterConnection.
     - SshMasterConnection emit signal to GUI thread if it need a
       to decrypt a ssh key. GUI thread use input dialog to read a
       from user.
     - Add support for SSH proxy (HTTP and SSH) to X2Go Client GUI.
     - Clean some broker code.
     - It is possible to add several ssh keys from commandline in form:
       --ssh-key=[[email protected]][server:][port:]
       it can be useful for TCE or login over broker.
     - Improve broker code, add support for "usebrokerpass" config variable
       use broker pass for ssh auth on X2Go server.
     - Commandline options --broker-noauth.
     - Support for SSH broker. --broker-user removed, use username in  
broker url
     - Reduce listen interval for ssh-tunnel to 100 msec.
     - Fix visibility of SSH-proxy box with direct RDP sessions.
     - SshProcess is only usable over SshMasterConnection.
     - Fixing SSH proxy support for Windows.
     - Hide system tray icon before close.
     - Fix error "Failed to resolve hostname" in plugin mode (Closes
       issue #55).
     - Do not show "RDP Settings" group box in plugin mode (Closes  
upstream issue

   [ Ricardo Diaz ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add Spanish translation file.
     - Update Spanish translation file.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Wed, 07 Nov 2012 16:07:43 +0100


nx-libs (2: RELEASE; urgency=low

   * Fix installation of header files in Debian package.
   * Fix patch file names concerning component nx-X11.
   * Modify patch: 032_no-x11r6.full.patch. Install nx-X11 to  
   * Add patch: 032_no-x11r6.debian.patch. Use /usr/lib/nx for nx-X11  
on Debian.
   * Drop patch 032, fix other patches so that installation via make
     installs NX components to /usr/local/lib/nx and /usr/local/include/nx.
   * Add patches: 024_fix-make-clean.full.patch,
     024_fix-make-clean.full+lite.patch. Fix clean-up of build tree after
     make build has run.
   * Add patch: 025_nxproxy_no-configure-file.full+lite.patch. Remove
     unneeded build file from NoMachine's nxproxy sources.
   * Modify patch: 001_add-main-makefile.full+lite.patch. Install nx* and
     x2goagent wrapper scripts during make install.
   * Fix wrapper scripts: make sure all NX executables can be launched
     if NX gets installed via the tarball installation method.
   * Modify patch: 001_add-main-makefile.full+lite.patch. Add uninstall
   * Dropping empty override rules for quilt patch from /debian/rules.
   * Bump Debian Standards to 3.9.3 (no changes needed). Update Home page
     Vcs information.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Wed, 07 Nov 2012 21:07:49 +0100


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