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From: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel-QcRmU36LScxyC2I0vPwN6RvVK+yQ3ZXh <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: New X2Go releases: pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli, python-x2go
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.announce
Date: Thursday 20th December 2012 07:44:28 UTC (over 5 years ago)
Dear all,

The X2Go Project is proud to announce a couple of new X2Go component

   - pyhoca-gui (
   - pyhoca-cli (
   - python-x2go (

All new packages are already available in our stable repositories   
(Debian,    Ubuntu) within the next 24h. The Windows version of   
PyHoca-GUI also already has been built and provided on   

I personally am very proud to be able to present a long-waited-for    
major release of Python X2Go and PyHoca-GUI. Thanks again to Dick   
Kniep  (http://www.lindix.nl) for sponsoring this
piece of software.

The latest API documentation of Python X2Go can be read here:

Note for distro packagers: Python X2Go based applications have the   
full range of functionality when used with Paramiko 1.8.0 and above.   
For people you rely on flawless IPv6 functionality, I recommend   
installing python-gevent 1.0b1 (or above).


Python X2Go

python-x2go ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   * New upstream version (
     - Make sure that internal calls to _X2goClient__list_sessions are not
       overridden by other method definitions in classes that inherit from
       X2goClient class. (Fixes: #89).
     - Rewrite colour depth of 17bits to 16bits when invoking rdesktop.
       Relevant for X2Go-proxied RDP sessions started with PyHoca-GUI under
     - Handle control sessions being None in session list cache.
     - In cases where several session profiles connect to the same machine
       under the same user ID, we have to strictly differentiate between
       running/suspend sessions associated to the several connected session
     - Make connection disruptures more robust.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:36:34 +0100

python-x2go ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   * New upstream version (
     - Prepare for staying compatible with new SSH proxy feature
       in X2Go Client.
     - Add sshproxy_port option to session (SSH proxy) options.
     - Allow smooth session profile migration, prefer : (set
       via sshproxy_host) for SSH proxy port detection.
     - Implementation of session profile parameters ,,sshproxysameuser''
       and ,,sshproxysameauth''.
     - Fixing typos in __doc__ strings.
     - Add support for starting maximized session windows. (Fixes: #12).
     - Fix category ,,Utility'' when parsing .desktop files.
     - For ,,maxdim'' session property fallback to _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY if
       _NET_WORKAREA is not available from the window manager.
     - Mention ,,maximize'' as possible value for session option geometry
       in __doc__string of class X2goTerminalSessionSTDOUT.
     - Implement SSH agent authentication forwarding.
     - Implement X2Go session profile features ,,autologin'' and
       ,,sshproxyautologin'' (meaning: look_for_keys and allow_agent in
       Paramiko terms).
     - Make X2goClient instance available in initial X2goSession instances.
     - Allow post-initialization updating of forward_sshagent class
     - Enable autologin and sshproxyautologin for new session profiles.
     - Only monkey patch Python Paramiko based on the currently used
       version (our monkey patches have been sent upstream, so we might not
       need the monkey patching for paramiko >= 1.8.0 anymore).
     - Rename session type XFCE4 to XFCE (using an unversioned name).
     - Avoid false positive notifications about started-by-other sessions.
     - Introduce locks for session registrations.
     - Wait for mounting of print and mimebox spooling share.
     - Allow mixing key file, key object, key discovery and agent
     - Add progress bar support for session startup / resuming. (Fixes:
     - Set the session name in case a session start failed due to lack of
       forwarding tunneling support in the server's SSH daemon.
     - Fall back to password auth if agent auth and key discovery fail.
     - Give the session window more time to appear.
     - Catch rare condition in utils.find_session_window in case where
       the list of window IDs is not available.
     - Disable SSH agent forwarding on MS Windows platform for current
       versions of Python Paramiko.
     - Allow usernames containing space characters in user names (common
       on MS Windows).
     - Use threading.Lock to prohibit simultaneous calls of
       get_published_applications() of control sessions.
     - Implement some internal locking for X2goSession objects.
     - Add option to disable auto-registration of pubapp sessions.
     - Implement functionality for restoring mounted shares on session
       resumption / re-start. Sponsored by Dick Kniep, LinDix NL.
     - Catch exceptions where a user tries to resume a session that has
       just been removed from the session list on the server (race
     - Consolidating management of shared and unshared client-side
     - Before suspending/terminating a session, make sure that the list of
       shared folders is up-to-date.
     - Fix password authentication in case no private RSA/DSA key for a
       client user exists.
   * /debian/rules:
     + Allow package build on systems with missing dh_python2.
   * /debian/control:
     + Versioned depend on python-paramiko (>= 1.8.0-0~).
   * /debian/pyversions:
     + Drop file as it is deprecated.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Mon, 10 Dec 2012 13:01:51 +0100


pyhoca-gui ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   * New upstream version (
     - Do not disable the session profile template when creating a session
       profile from an already existing session profile. (Fixes: #90).
     - Use new feature in Python X2Go that allows the
       of sessions associated to different session profiles.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:52:57 +0100

pyhoca-gui ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Session profile file option ,,export'': stay empty if no exports are
     - Make sure RDP (X2Go-proxy) sessions stored by PyHoca-GUI get
       as such by X2goClient.
     - Make session icon handling more robust, be more compatible with X2Go
       Client about the session icon name. Rewrite mistakes pyhoca-gui
       (<= did on the icon attribute in the session profile
     - Make DirectRDP sessions configurable through PyHoca-GUI profile
     - Slight change in internal message box API, rename custom_message
       option to msg.
     - Add a warning message box that DirectRDP is not yet supported by
     - Widen session type widget to make sure all widget (also when
       fit in.
     - Do not offer DirectRDP sessions in profile manager while connected
to a
       real X2Go server via SSH.
     - Configure SSH proxy port in a separate session profile option
     - Make sure that SSH proxy port migration works flawlessly.
     - Rework session profile manager around SSH proxy settings. Implement
       profile options ,,sshproxysameuser'' and ,,sshproxysamepass''.
     - Rebuild of i18n files, update of en.po and de.po.
     - Disable ,,usesshproxy'' for DirectRDP sessions.
     - Make ,,maxdim'' option configurable through session profile manager.
     - Fix naming mismatch ,,autologin'' vs. ,,autoconnect''.
     - Introduce profile manager tab ,,Link Quality''. Move printing  into
       tab ,,Resource Sharing''. Shrink profile manager window. (Fixes:
     - Implement SSH agent, automatic key discovery, and SSH agent
       request forwarding in session profile manager.
     - Add SSH agent README.
     - Rename session type XFCE4 to XFCE (using an unversioned session type
     - Make pub app session startup more robust.
     - Allow autologin and SSH key file at the same time.
     - Scale profile manager differently on Windows and Linux (Windows
       a slightly larger window).
     - Profile manager: apply text field height to keyboard configuration
     - Disable SSH agent forwarding for Windows. Code in Python Paramiko is
       executable on MS Windows, currently.
     - Use threading.Lock() to prevent from simultaneous calls of the
       _init_pubapp_sessions() method.
     - Implement functionality for restoring mounted shares on session
       resumption / re-start. Sponsored by Dick Kniep, LinDix NL.
     - Hide the file sharing submenu if the master session's submenu  is
       disabled due to some current action and an expected session  status
     - If the profile manager is open for a certain session profile,
       all menu items that relate to this session profile. Re-enable the
       items again, once the corresponding profile manager window has been
   * /debian/control:
     + Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers
     + Add Oleksandr Shneyder to Uploaders.
     + Depend on python-x2go (>=
     + Reduce python version in Build-Depends to allow build against Ubuntu
   * /debian/rules:
     + Allow package build on systems with missing dh_python2.
   * /debian/pyhoca-gui.docs:
     + Install README.i18n into package.

   [ Christoffer Krakou ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add Danish translation.
     - Add Danish translation (restoreexports feature).

   [ Daniel Lindgren ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Swedish translation file.
     - Add Swedish translation for NSIS installer.
     - Update Swedish translation file (restoreexports).

   [ Dick Kniep ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Dutch translation file.

   [ Ricardo Díaz Martín ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Spanish translation file.
     - Update Spanish translation file (restoreexports).

   [ Nable ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add Russian translation for NSIS installer.
     - Fine-tune Russion translation.

   [ Terje Andersen ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file.
     - Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file (restoreexports).

   [ Oleksandr Shneyder ]
   * New upstream version (
     - Add Russian translation.
     - Update Russian translation.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Mon, 10 Dec 2012 13:06:10 +0100


pyhoca-cli ( RELEASE; urgency=low

   * New upstream version (
     - Add cmdline option --from-stdin that facilitates lightdm remote
       session startup.
     - The option ,,password'' is not allowed for session registration.
     - When finishing the application, update session status before
       back to the user what happened to the session.
     - Remove cmdline option --time-to-wait, Python X2Go now offers a
       status for session startup/resumption. So we query this status
   * /debian/control:
     + Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers   
     + Reduce python version in Build-Depends to allow build on Ubuntu
     + Depend on python-x2go (>=
   * /debian/rules:
     + Allow package build on systems with missing dh_python2.
   * /man/man1/pyhoca-cli.1:
     + Mention keyboard auto detection switch.
     + Mention possible geometry value: maximize.

  -- Mike Gabriel

     Mon, 10 Dec 2012 14:51:11 +0100


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