Helmer Teles | 1 Oct 19:22 2012

x2go unmount dirs problem?

Hi dear fellows.

I've been getting a error with x2go when umounting spool dir

ERROR: failed to unmount /tmp/.x2go-hteles/spool/C-

I don't know when it started, but i'm having the same issue in kubuntu 10.04.1 
fully updated and also on a  kubuntu 12.10 testing machine.

Do any of you guys can reproduce the problem?
Also after resuming a session i get a kdialog windows with the same error?

At first i thought that was my problem since i'm tinkering with x2goextensions 
and debugin scripts to do some stuff, but i then installed two new vm's with no 
tampering ant the problem still persists.

All of this running stable ppa.

P.S: Also, i couldn't get any script working at *-terminate.d 




Helmer Teles 


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