Vincent | 14 Nov 09:08 2012

Re: x2go client for mac osx

John A. Sullivan III <jsullivan <at> ...> writes:

> On Wed, 2010-10-06 at 14:03 +0000, Brett wrote:
> > X2Go client worked fine for me under Mac OS X for a 
> > while and suddenly it stopped working giving me the 
> > "Can't connect to X-Server. Please check your
> > settings" error. I followed the steps outlined above 
> > and was still receiving the error. I resolved it by 
> > quitting and deleting my X11 preferences file
> > located in /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/org.x.X11.plist
> > . Once deleted, I started again, configured it to 
> > "Allow connections from network clients" and X2Go 
> > client worked again. I am currently running Mac OS X 
> > 10.6.3 although I am unsure which version I was 
> > running when I installed X2Go client and had it
> > working initially. I hope this helps someone.
> > 
> > -Brett
> <snip>
> Thanks for passing this tip along.  I'll keep it on file - John

removing the preferences file does not work for me on 10.6.8.
Also a reboot of X11 after it does not.
Only a reboot helped me untill now, very annoying.
Has anyone any clue where the issue is coming from?
Seems lik a port or display variable change indeed.
Perhaps the X2go client caches something?