Orion Poplawski | 12 Dec 00:11 2012

x2go for Fedora packaging issues

I'm looking at packaging x2go for Fedora and am running into a few issues 
which I'm hoping to get resolved.

- bin/Makefile doesn't support DESTDIR.  The attached  nx-libs-destdir.patch 
partially addresses that.
- The various nx*/configure.in files do not honor passed in compiler flags. 
The attached nx-libs-optflags.patch fixes that.  Note also though that CFLAGS 
is used in some and CPPFLAGS in others.
- Is there a preferred way to install into /usr rather than /usr/local?  I 
ended up doing:
   sed -i -e 's,/usr/local,/usr,' nx-X11/config/cf/site.def
- It would be very nice if you could support installing into /usr/lib64.  I 
had to do the following:

   sed -i -e 's,/lib/nx,/%{_lib}/nx,' nx-X11/config/cf/X11.tmpl
   sed -i -e 's,/usr/lib/,/usr/%{_lib}/,' bin/*

   make install ... USRLIBDIR=/usr/lib64/nx SHLIBDIR=/usr/lib64/nx

   # Make sure x2goagent is linked relative and on 64-bit
   rm -rf %{buildroot}%{_prefix}/lib/x2go
   mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/x2go/bin
   ln -sf ../../nx/bin/nxagent %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/x2go/bin/x2goagent

- Does not honor passed in CFLAGS.  The attached x2goserver-cflags.patch fixes.
- Again, very hard to use /usr/lib64...

- Required the attached x2goclient-include.patch to build.  There is no qt4 
prefix on Fedora, and in general that should be specified by -I...

- Why the use of install -o root -g root?  Is this a debian build specific 
thing?  On rpm systems this fails when builds are done as non-root (and it's 
redundant when done as root).

Thank you for your attention.

- Orion


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