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Re: x2go keybindings / toggle key


I'm afraid there are currently no free(as in Beer) developer resources to look into this. Basically one needs to catch the keystroke before it reaches the window manager. While this is possible and probably little effort for someone who implemented this before, its probably quite a bit of work for someone not so familiar with the WinAPI.


On 2013-01-23 13:36, Terje Andersen wrote:

I think this would be the same as ctrl+alt+k ( in the nomachine client. I too miss such a feature and hopefully this could be enabled in a future release.

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On 2013 1 22 22:32, "Colin Kincaid Williams" <discord <at>> wrote:

I would like to get the following functionality from X2go.

I would like to use a key press to toggle between the 'keyboard focus'. I would press a key on the keyboard and the focus would toggle between the client and the server. That way I could keep the keybindings the same for both machines.

For example: I use i3wm on both machines. Windows key + fn key switches workspaces on both machines. I would like to press a key to toggle the focus between the client and server desktop. 

So maybe I would press " ` " and it would set the focus to the server and then all my subsequent key presses would affect the server desktop. When I want to return to my client desktop I would press " ` " and it would set the focus to the client.

I could change the keybindings for my window manager iteslf. In fact I may go this route if there is no solution for x2go. However I thought it might be easier to have a focus mechanisim in x2go.

Is this already a feature of x2go?  If so how do I implement it. Maybe I could write something for the wiki.

If not, would it be difficult to enable such functionality?

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