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Re: x2go keybindings / toggle key

Hi Mike, I just tried left alt+ left ctl+k and it did not work for me. From Terje's link I read  Ctrl + Alt + K  enable/disable the catching of Alt+Tab and Print Screen keys. How is this related to what I am asking?

If I had a job I would be willing to pay for it. However I only have a little money, and therefore could maybe donate a little for some guidance? Maybe you could tell me which libraries and or sources you would look at to implement such a feature and I could try to figure it out. I would like to learn more.


Colin Williams

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel <at>> wrote:
Hi Terje,

On Mi 23 Jan 2013 13:36:52 CET Terje Andersen wrote:

I think this would be the same as ctrl+alt+k ( in the nomachine
client. I too miss such a feature and hopefully this could be enabled in a
future release.

Best regards,

The alt+control-k feature should (in theory) be available with X2Go as it seems (not sure, though) to be a feature of nxagent (which is also used by X2Go as x2goagent).

With a quick test, this seemed to work, however, my desktop shell is the ,,awesome'' desktop shell and things are different there.



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