Orion Poplawski | 6 Feb 23:06 2013

x2godesktopsharing group

Could someone explain to me the need for the x2godesktopsharing group?

I don't see any reference to it here: 

The package doesn't do any checking in case the group does not exist:

rogram terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x000000000040adca in ShareTray::slotStartSharing (this=0xf78070) at 
326                     chown ( socketFname.toAscii(),getuid(),getgrnam ( 
"x2godesktopsharing" )->gr_gid );

This results in a segfault if the group is not present.

Also, is this the tool to use for a user to connect to their own desktop 
session when they are away?



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