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Re: GSOC: Sound

On 2013-02-13 15:37, Stefan Baur wrote:
Am 13.02.2013 15:21, schrieb Moritz Struebe:

I currently don't really see an long-term alternative, but adding
compression to the pulse-tunnel module.

SPICE ( has been mentioned here on this list occasionally, though as a non-coder I cannot make any statement regarding its suitability for X2Go.

The colorful graphics on their web page show a virtual sound device, so I'd assume it is possible to transmit sound over the SPICE protocol.

As to my understanding the problem of spice is, that it's designed as virtual hardware. Thus even then pulse connects to your virtual sound card. Thus we need a spice-kernel-sound-driver which AFAIK is not planed.

Plus it would probably free us from the Nomachine codebase currently used for image compression.  Again, that is *if* it lives up to its promise - I haven't tried it myself yet.

The part we do want to use is xspice [1], but AFAIK it is not yet in a state that we want to use it (I currently don't have the resources to verify that). But here my guts tell me, that it's less hassle to improve pulse than to get sound into that module - but who knows. ;)


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