Stefan Baur | 20 Feb 11:16 2013

Re: fuse and X2Go printing

Am 20.02.2013 11:06, schrieb Oleksandr Shneyder:
> I would prefer the solution suggested by Morty. Actually, I already
> thought about it and i want include it in new implementation of
> x2goclient. X2goclient will simply check a spool directory on server and
> download a print jobs in PDF format via existing libssh connection.

Again, this sounds like unneccessary overhead.  You're turning a stream 
of data into a file, you need to have some sort of monitoring system 
(either polling regularly or triggered by the change to the filesystem) 
and what for - to turn the file into the stream of data that it 
originally was.  With all this happening on the server.

> This
> solution is much simpler, no need a cups, lpr, or ssh daemon running on
> a client and implementation is just the same for all operating systems.

Well, you need the server-side cups or you wouldn't be able to print, 
with either solution.
And my previous post contained a solution where you would only turn the 
data stream into a file after it arrives on the client, not on the 
server as well.
This would work without *additional* cups, lpr or ssh on the client - it 
uses whatever the client (Linux, Mac OS and Windows) normally uses for 
printing and only needs an open tunneled port in the existing SSH 

Though, to be honest, I would simply connect to the existing CUPS via 
tunnel if the client uses Linux or Mac OS.  No need to add complexity there.