Oleksandr Shneyder | 20 Feb 11:31 2013

Re: fuse and X2Go printing

I don't agree with you, Stefan. Simply redirect the ports is no solution
for X2Go connections over Internet. The job should be converted in PDF
on server or it will be just too big. So as result we will have a PDF
File on server and it not a problem it all to download it to client
system. And it could happens, that on client system you have no printers
or printer system installed at all. So you can just save a print job as


Am 20.02.2013 11:16, schrieb Stefan Baur:
> Am 20.02.2013 11:06, schrieb Oleksandr Shneyder:
>> I would prefer the solution suggested by Morty. Actually, I already
>> thought about it and i want include it in new implementation of
>> x2goclient. X2goclient will simply check a spool directory on server and
>> download a print jobs in PDF format via existing libssh connection.
> Again, this sounds like unneccessary overhead.  You're turning a stream
> of data into a file, you need to have some sort of monitoring system
> (either polling regularly or triggered by the change to the filesystem)
> and what for - to turn the file into the stream of data that it
> originally was.  With all this happening on the server.

>> This
>> solution is much simpler, no need a cups, lpr, or ssh daemon running on
>> a client and implementation is just the same for all operating systems.
> Well, you need the server-side cups or you wouldn't be able to print,
> with either solution.
> And my previous post contained a solution where you would only turn the
> data stream into a file after it arrives on the client, not on the
> server as well.
> This would work without *additional* cups, lpr or ssh on the client - it
> uses whatever the client (Linux, Mac OS and Windows) normally uses for
> printing and only needs an open tunneled port in the existing SSH
> connection.
> Though, to be honest, I would simply connect to the existing CUPS via
> tunnel if the client uses Linux or Mac OS.  No need to add complexity
> there.
> -Stefan
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