Moritz Struebe | 20 Feb 14:32 2013

Re: fuse and X2Go printing

On 2013-02-20 11:55, Stefan Baur wrote:
>> So as result we will have a PDF
>> File on server and it not a problem it all to download it to client
>> system.
> Yes, it is a problem.  Sorry, but it is a horrible design decision to
> convert data back and forth, causing disk IO and CPU cycles when
> there's no good reason to do so. 

Well, actually there is: Relieabilty and Maintainability. My solution
has 3 little steps.
1) Create pdf on the server (easy to check and not to difficult too debug)
2) Copy file to client (easy to check, and can even be verified)
3) Print pdf. This is also something quite easy to get running. Just
exec "someprog --print $FILE"

While with your solution there is a multitude of things that can go
wrong. It's really hard to find out whether it's a server side, client
side, x2go-client (ssh forwarding), driver compability or whatever
issue. The data gets piped through a lot of systems and you need quite a
bit of knowledge to debug that. Also you need to handle connection
losses - something that is not too easy either as you don't have direct
control over the system having to cope with that.
Further on reliability and maintainability is much more important than a
little bit of performance.
The spooler-dir also allows you to easily do things like adding
"print <at> clinet"-button to OpenOffice (or any other scriptable app) by
exporting the current document as pdf to the spool-dir.



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