Mike Gabriel | 20 Feb 17:25 2013

Re: fuse and X2Go printing

Hi All,

On Mi 20 Feb 2013 11:06:46 CET Oleksandr Shneyder wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> I would prefer the solution suggested by Morty. Actually, I already
> thought about it and i want include it in new implementation of
> x2goclient. X2goclient will simply check a spool directory on server and
> download a print jobs in PDF format via existing libssh connection. This
> solution is much simpler, no need a cups, lpr, or ssh daemon running on
> a client and implementation is just the same for all operating systems.
> I can also implement this solution in current version of x2goclient if
> somebody will sponsor the development.
> regards
> Alex

As I see it, X2Go printing works quite ok ATM (at least +/-).

IMHO, if someone like Orion (i.e. someone who is not yet one of the  
core devs but has the capability to become one) comes with a patch  
that works by 80%, then let's continue this discussion.

But till then... If people agree, could we please focus on things that  
do _not_ work so well at the moment????


   - MesaGLX software rastering of Unity & co.
   - Appropriate resizing of GNOME-fallback sessions (Xrandr)
   - xkeyboard-config-2.6 breakage
   - Xfixes and KUbuntu
   - weird LibreOffice font renderings
   - multi-session support in X2Go Client
   - integrate new desktop shells (like CINNAMON, MATE, etc.)

The bug tracker contains quite a list of open issues, too:

And also: before inventing a new session handshake protocol for  
printing, we really should start documenting the current status quo of  
all X2Go Client/Server v4 protocols that we have so far. (I surely put  
myself on the list of not-enough-documenting devs, as well.)




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