Christoph Mathys | 14 Mar 09:42 2013

Bug#144: Bluetooth headset switches to low quality profile on application start

Package: x2goclient

I use a bluetooth headset for music and voip. When I start x2goclient
on Windows 7, it forces the headset into a low-quality profile (no
session is open, just the client). This is expected to happen if an
application wants to use the microphone. I presume x2go opens audio
sources and sinks in order to forward them to a client later and so
Windows thinks it needs to switch to another profile. When I close
x2goclient again, the headset switches back to the high quality

I can disable the headsets microphone manually inside the windows
audio settings. But then, of course, I can no longer use the
microphone for voip.

It would be nice to have some kind of switch to disable x2gos audio
support completely (or to be able to select which devices are

As a workaround, it seems to work if I just rename pulseaudio.exe to
something else.

According to Mike Gabriel the bug should be fixed on the following branch: