Stefan Baur | 19 Mar 11:47 2013

Re: X2go issues/problems

Am 13.03.2013 22:09, schrieb George Poulos:
> Hi there just think you would want feedback on X2go.
> Its a great tool from Linux to Linux
> But from Windows to Linux or Mac to Linux its downright
> unreliable and trust me when I tell you that it is unreliable.
> On Windows it will only connect very randomly at best. There
> no predictability with it at all. I tried on the same network
> and its completely random when it connects. Which is not good.
> You can diable all AV and its still the same. I only installed
> Windows 7 and the installed the X2go client on that and its
> still unpredictable.
> Me and a friend of mine spent over a week trying to make it
> work on Windows 7 and we couldn't make it work predictably.

Sorry, but I can't confirm your findings.  We're using X2Go in a 
commercial environment, with a two-digit number of Debian Linux servers 
and about five times as many Windows clients.

Then again, we're not using the latest X2Go Client for Windows for our 
production systems.  Maybe some issue cropped up with the latest builds? 
  Please let us know which versions (both server and client) you were 
using for your tests.