Michael Kromer | 19 Mar 11:59 2013

Re: X2go issues/problems

Hi George,

well there are some minor issues we are aware about, but indeed we have large installations with
Win-to-Win. Nevertheless we are in the process of providing upgraded packages really soon which
incorporate a brand new stack of components which are known to behave better in general (without having
them tested thoroughly yet). Maybe its a good idea to get in contact with one of the companies behind x2go to
get some support and finding the specific issues you are having? I really think this is more of a
configuration related problem, as stated before, there are lots of successful installations also with
windows clients (including Windows 7) out there.


Best regards,

Michael Kromer

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Betreff: [X2Go-Dev] X2go issues/problems

Hi there just think you would want feedback on X2go.
Its a great tool from Linux to Linux
But from Windows to Linux or Mac to Linux its downright 
unreliable and trust me when I tell you that it is unreliable.

On Windows it will only connect very randomly at best. There 
no predictability with it at all. I tried on the same network 
and its completely random when it connects. Which is not good.
You can diable all AV and its still the same. I only installed

Windows 7 and the installed the X2go client on that and its 
still unpredictable.

Me and a friend of mine spent over a week trying to make it 
work on Windows 7 and we couldnt make it work predictably.

With that being said what I did was to create a Lubuntu VM on 
a Windows 7 machine, ssh from the VM into the server I am 
trying to manage and it works perfectly. Yes its a lot of work 
but it works correctly.




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