Nable 80 | 7 May 21:47 2013

Re: Bug#200: When user-directories do not exist, saving sqlpass with x2godbadmin is not possible

Hi, Michael.

> system("mkdir -p $dir/.x2go");
Are you sure that nothing will break if `$dir' contains space or some
other special^W sensitive characters? Of course, i understand that
using such characters in homedir path is a really bad idea but.. i
think apps must be secure by design.

And second thing:
> and is deeper than /home/$USER
I think that this comment is wrong. As I understand, it doesn't matter
how deep dir, what matters is whether user's homedir exits or not. And
if I've understood correctly (manual page for x2godbadmin is too
short, although comments in the program are rather good) x2godbadmin
doesn't create users, it only manages DB and creates ~/.x2go/ part if
it's missing.
So, if user is present in system (getpwnam returns info about existing
users) but his homedir is missing I think that it's better to issue
some warning instead of silent homedir creation (at least because this
homedir won't contain files from /etc/skel, especially ~/.profile and