Stefan Baur | 7 May 22:41 2013

Re: Bug#200: Bug#200: When user-directories do not exist, saving sqlpass with x2godbadmin is not possible

Am 07.05.2013 22:14, schrieb Michael Kromer:
> Well, I don't mind fixing this to be safe with special chars ...;)
> I however really doubt administrators to set homedirs to something with spaces or special chars.

I could imagine that it may well happen in a mixed 
Windows/Linux-Environment, where user management is done in an 
ActiveDirectory, and certain PAM modules are used for authentication and 
automatic creation of homedirs.  Pimplefaced Joe Random Winadmin might 
use "Firstname Lastname" as account naming scheme on the Windows side. 
If you have a PAM mechanism in place that creates missing homedirs and 
simply use /home/usernamepassedfromwindows, you may end up with spaces 
in that directory name. Or, in a multi-domain environment, with 
subdirectories like /home/domain1/sampleuser and /home/domain2/johndoe. 
  And it *might* even be possible to use a special char as a domain 
separator instead of creating subdirectories, like 
/home/domain1+johndoeindomain1 /home/domain2+johndoeindomain2.  I've 
never tried that with PAM and autocreating home directories, but I 
remember that "back in the days" there were issues when connecting to 
multiple AD domains and thus it was recommended to use a special char as 
separator between AD domain and user name, rather than the standard one.

Just a few words of warning from an old geezer. ;-)