Nable 80 | 2 Jul 09:10 2013

Re: Bug#258: Bug#258: Bug#258: SECURITY: x2goclient allows clipboard sniffing

Hi, Chris.

> So it directly goes into the local X server?
> Wow... that's awful... like a security nightmare...
Then, you don't use ssh -X/-Y, do you?

> And people don't see x2go (or VNC, or rdp) like a direct access
> to their X server (as in plain X forwarding with xauth and that like).
Why do you think so? Because they have it in window and didn't specify
any option that exactly means 'turn on X11 forwarding'?
After all, I think that it's not a grave issue as most people use X11
forwarding for rather trusted hosts (or just don't care).

One additional note: it's possible to turn on clipboard forwarding in
RDP and VNC (and it's a very useful thing) but AFAIR in most clients
_one have to specify it implicitly_ (and sometimes there's a separate
option that allows some restricted clipboard access, for example:
copying from remote to local but not vise versa). May be someone will
make a patch to implement such options in X2Go.