Nable 80 | 2 Jul 10:01 2013

Re: Bug#258: Bug#258: Bug#258: Bug#258: SECURITY: x2goclient allows clipboard sniffing

Sorry, quickfix:

2013/7/2, Nable 80 <nable.maininbox <at>>:
> Hi, Chris.
>> So it directly goes into the local X server?
>> Wow... that's awful... like a security nightmare...
> Then, you don't use ssh -X/-Y, do you?
>> And people don't see x2go (or VNC, or rdp) like a direct access
>> to their X server (as in plain X forwarding with xauth and that like).
> Why do you think so? Because they have it in window and didn't specify
> any option that exactly means 'turn on X11 forwarding'?
> After all, I think that it's not a grave issue as most people use X11
> forwarding for rather trusted hosts (or just don't care).
> One additional note: it's possible to turn on clipboard forwarding in
> RDP and VNC (and it's a very useful thing) but AFAIR in most clients
> _one have to specify it implicitly_ (and sometimes there's a separate
> option that allows some restricted clipboard access, for example:
> copying from remote to local but not vise versa). May be someone will
> make a patch to implement such options in X2Go.
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