Anders Bruun Olsen | 23 Sep 13:39 2013

Re: x2go for android

I would say you should work on getting nxproxy working on Android, before bothering with PulseAudio. But you should start with getting an X-server and SSH with X forwarding running. Somebody recently posted a link to a (somewhat?) working X-server for Android. You could probably start there and try adding SSH to the mix.

2013/9/21 Nable 80 <nable.maininbox <at>>
Do you have working `ssh -X' (ssh-client + X11 forwarding via ssh) on
Android (I don't have such devices and never interested about software
for it) ? Try searching for this if you don't have it already. If you
have this, then I think that you can make at least graphics forwarding
working rather easily. Next stage then would be to port pulseaudio to
Android (if they don't have working port already).

Btw, if someone ports x2goclient to android, I can finally think about
moving one rather huge project to x2go from xrdp.

2013/9/20, Lucian Apetre <lucian_apetre <at>>:
> Hello,
> I am interested in porting the x2go client to Android, so I wanted to know
> first what are the dependencies, what is done so far, maybe i will start
> working on an already done version instead of working from scraps.
> Maybe someone who tried to work on this task have some directions for me.
> Thank you
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