Stefan Baur | 23 Sep 14:16 2013

Re: x2go for android

Am 23.09.2013 13:39, schrieb Anders Bruun Olsen:
> I would say you should work on getting nxproxy working on Android, 
> before bothering with PulseAudio. But you should start with getting an 
> X-server and SSH with X forwarding running. Somebody recently posted a 
> link to a (somewhat?) working X-server for Android. You could probably 
> start there and try adding SSH to the mix.

Just as a quick feedback/FYI:

I recently tried out the X server mentioned in the other thread 
in combination with VX Connect, a ConnectBot fork. X was tunneled 
through the SSH connection for my tests.
It was just a short, maybe 5-minute test run, nothing too fancy. Started 
a few apps and checked if they'd show up.

Seemed to work reasonably well on the LAN.
This was, of course, an unaccellerated connection, no fancy x2go/nx 
stuff involved.

Test environment was a Motorola Milestone 2 (European "Droid 2") with 
the stock Android 2.3.4+MotoBlur.

Server was Debian Squeeze (currently "oldstable").