Stefan Baur | 23 Sep 17:49 2013

Looking for keyboard shortcut to move a window in rootless mode on MS Windows

Hi everyone,

it seems that there is no obvious keyboard shortcut to open a window's 
menu (the one that appears when you click on the upper left corner of a 
window) when running X2Go in rootless (PubApp) mode on a Microsoft 
Windows client.

So, is there one that just isn't obvious, or is there none at all?

The problem I'm having is that from time to time, Adobe Reader thinks 
it's funny to pop up a print dialog window that is partially off-screen 
- including its title bar!  Thus, there's no way to grab it with the 
mouse to reposition it.  Right-clicking the entry in the task bar only 
offers an option to close the window, so no luck there either.