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From: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel <at> das-netzwerkteam.de>
Subject: Re: client inconsistencies when resizing GNOME sessions
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.devel
Date: Thursday 24th October 2013 07:39:40 UTC (over 4 years ago)
Hi Pedro,

On  Mo 21 Okt 2013 19:14:22 CEST, Pedro Pinto wrote:

> I've found some inconsistent X2GO client behaviour, and was hoping  
> someone could shed
> some light.
> In short, it seems that the C++ x2goclient for Mac is able to handle  
> "session resizing" correctly,
> but Pyhoca-GUI for Linux isn't, even though they are configured with  
> exaclty the same
> session parameters.

> Specifically:
> --- when I start a GNOME-fallback session using the Pyhoca-GUI for Linux,
>     remote desktop appears with a "constant geometry", where  
> resizing the local session
>     window simply crops the view of the remote GNOME-fallback desktop.

I had this behaviour on my systems, as well. For a long time. I just  
now tested PyHoca-GUI and the following I observe:

   Pyhoca-GUI / Python X2Go version: /
   start session with 800x600 px
   session window appears with 800x600, but then resizes to some large size
   I can (with Debian wheezy as X2Go Server) play with the window  
borders and the session inside
     resizes correctly
   if I hit fullscreen mode (CTRL+ALT+F) the session resizes correctly  
to fullscreen mode
   but if I return for fullscreen mode (hit CTRL+ALT+F once more), the  
resizing capabilities are fully gone

> -- on the other hand, using the C++ x2go client for Mac, I can  
> successfuly resize the
>    local session window, and the remote GNOME-fallback desktop also  
> resizes automatically.

   For me, the x2goclient behaviour (Linux, from  
nightly builds)
   Q: Is the initial session size as you configured it in the X2Go  
session profile?
   Q: what happens when switching to and back from fullscreen mode?

> -- strangely, I can get Pyhoca-GUI to *also* resize properly if I do  
> the following:
>      1) Start a GNOME-fallback session with the C++ x2goclient for  
> Mac, then suspend the session.
>      2) Use Pyhoca-GUI for linux to resume the session in 1).  Then,  
> Pyhoca-GUI is able
>          to handle session resizing properly, ie, resizing the local  
> session window will resize the
>          remote GNOME desktop.

This I cannot confirm.

> This last point suggests that the resizing issue is not a GNOME bug,  
> but an issue with the X2GO client.


Can you launch x2goclient and pyhoca-gui in --debug mode and send  
those debug logs to me privately?

> Also, let me mention how this relates to the bug in http://bugs.x2go.org/42.
> Using the C++ x2goclient for Mac,  I verified that this happens:
>  o with GNOME3 the window appears in the expected size and then gets
>    from inside the starting up GNOME3 session

This is some GNOME internal stuff. I have not come to investigating  
that any further...

> but these don't:
> o I can manually resize the window afterwards via the client-side window
>    manager (play with your mouse on the window borders...)

I normally using a tiling desktop shell (i3), so normally I do not  
have window decorations. I just tested inside a client-side MATE  
session and indeed, using the window borders works fine for resizing.

>  o Still, the desktop shell inside does not adapt its size
> On the contrary, the C++ X2goclient is able to perform the  
> auto-resizing correctly.

As said above: my Pyhoca-gui version can handle that, as well.

> Versions that I'm using:
> -- C++ X2goclient for Mac, version
> -- Pyhoca GUI for Linux, version

my client-side versions I have mentioned above

> -- x2goagent:
> -- x2goserver:
> -- x2goserver-extensions:
> -- x2goserver-pyhoca:

my X2Go Server / Agent package versions are identical. The server is a  
vanilla Debian wheezy.


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