Mike Gabriel | 13 Nov 12:33 2013

upcoming changes for shadow session names in X2Go Server 4.1.x.y

Hi all,

I have today made a change to the naming of desktop sharing / shadow  
sessions in X2Go.

Earlier, I already added a script x2golistshadowsessions. Yesterday, I  
realized that it works for the wrong user. It works for the user who  
is sharing his/her desktop session. But it actually was intended for  
the user who requests desktop sharing. Note that  
x2golistshadowsessions is only used from PyHoca-GUI's desktop sharing  
feature. The x2golistshadowsessions command is not available in  
x2goserver below version

Today then, I wrote a patch for X2Go Server (x2goserver.git, master  
branch) that changes the session names of desktop sharing sessions.

Until now:

 From now on:

With this change x2golistshadowsessions shows shadow sessions to the  
user who requested the shadow session. This fixes crashing desktop  
sharing sessions in PyHoca-GUI, btw. It also transparently works with  
X2Go Client.

Feedback? Comments?



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