Jean-Francois Dagenais | 14 Nov 19:58 2013

wmctrl problems

Hi all,

Running x2go server on ubuntu (12.04), and my terminal is a mac running XQuartz
(with quartz-wm) and the Qt x2go client.

I used the Published apps rootless and spawn a few windows from the server.
Things run pretty smoothly and Im happy with the performance.

The thing that hurts is related to window management. Heres a relevant output:
$ echo $DISPLAY
$ wmctrl -l
Cannot get client list properties.
$ wmctrl -m
Cannot get window manager info properties.

Whereas if I run the same commands natively on the mac, XQuartz responds
correctly to wmctrl.

So the problem affects pretty much all tools related to window management I

I am no X11 expert, but I am a developer and very familiar with linux systems.
Right now I just need a few pointers, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!