Michael DePaulo | 22 Jul 14:28 2014

Re: Introduction. x2go currently broken jessie

On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 5:38 AM, Niklaus Giger
<niklaus.giger <at> member.fsf.org> wrote:
> Hi
> I am the release manager of Elexis (http://elexis.info/) An Eclipse RCP
> program for all aspects of a (Swiss) medical practice. My pet project is
> https://github.com/ngiger/elexis-vagrant which should be part of an easy
> Puppet based setup for the whole infrastructure of typical (small) medical
> cabinets in Switzerland.
> Under https://forge.puppetlabs.com/ngiger/x2go you find a puppet module which
> supports
> * setup of a x2goclient
> * setup of a x2goserver
> * setup of a x2go thin client environment
> which allows me to have a reproducable installation
> I see that you are running many Jenkins-CI jobs under
> http://jenkins.x2go.org:8080/, but as far as I see there is non with hardware
> in the loop. Are there any scripts/ideas laying around on how to test
> automatically a x2go tce build, eg. checking whether login, mouse and keyboard
> work?
> We are testing a setup with x2go thinclients, which works fine when I install
> Debian Wheezy. Installing using Debian jessie failed with a lot of error
> messages like
>> Jul 18 19:22:43 prxserver rpc.mountd[31578]: authenticated unmount request
>> from for /opt/x2gothinclient.schoebu/chroot
> After a quit long wait I was in the root prompt. On other essays (which I
> cannot reproduce now I did see, that it complaint that the thin client could
> not mout /var/lib/alsa (the corresponding alsa-utils package was not installed
> on the server).
> Also when I tried to install the non-free firmware I got the following error
>> Setting up dirmngr (1.1.1-1.2) ...
>> [....] Starting DirMngr: dirmngrchmod: cannot access
>> '/var/run/dirmngr/socket': No such file or directory>
>>  failed!
> Shall I open a bug report for one or both of it?
> As my client would love to use ubuntu 14.04 I would like to see a comment on
> http://bugs.x2go.org/db/48/482.html whether there are any hopes that a future
> version of x2go will support x2gosession with an ubuntu 14.04 server?
> Best regards
> Niklaus
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> Niklaus Giger
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Hi Niklaus,

Mike Gabriel (Mike#1) (CC'd) can probably help you with this, but he
is on vacation until August 1st. I suggest replying to this email on
August 3rd or so if you do not receive any advice before then.