Michael DePaulo | 23 Jul 04:14 2014

Bug#547: Alex's fix in x2goserver

I can confirm that Alex's commit to x2goserver (rather than
x2goclient) fixes this bug.

Clean user SSHD process if connection between server and client lost.
This should fix error "Global request tcpip-forward failed".

Should I retitle and reassign this bug (#547) to x2goserver? And
should we cherry-pick it for x2goserver release/4.0.0.x &
release/4.0.1.x? We should probably release updated versions of
4.0.0.x (baikal) and 4.0.1.x at least a month before we release
x2goclient Otherwise, people will run into this bug if they
update their clients to but do not update their servers.