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    * The remote login feature in LightDM uses UCCS for session brokerage. The UCCS is a very public service. The
main caveat is: UCCS offers to store user passwords and these passwords (at time of Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu
13.04) get stored in plaintext at Canonical (or at least can be easily unhashed). A site admin surely would
love to have such a web portal as UCCS at hand, so that the remote login feature can be used on the local
network without Canonical as the brokerage provide in the loop.
    * This sponsored project is
to provide a drop-in replacement for the Ubuntu package ''lightdm-remote-session-uccsconfigure''
that replaces UCCS with the X2Go Session Broker as session brokerage provider
    * The users shall then be able to use LightDM's remote login feature to launch X2Go and RDP sessions. The
session profiles will be provided by the X2Go Session Broker
- ==== Documentation: MsWin-Builder for X2Go Client  ====
- //Sponsored by [[|NEiT_work]] (Michael Kromer)://
-   * Documentation of the MS Windows build environment of X2Go Client

  ===== Companies sponsoring X2Go Development on a regular basis =====

  In alphabetical order...
 <at>  <at>  -47,8 +41,9  <at>  <at> 
    * [[|LinDix NL]]
      * General PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go development
    * [[|NETitWork Security Solutions]]
      * Installable RPM packages for SUSE
+     * Documentation of the MS Windows build environment of X2Go Client
    * [[|Rohloff AG]]

* X2Go Thin Client Environment (based on Debian squeeze)
      * DirectRDP feature in X2Go Client