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  ==== X2Go Session Broker Config ====

  For a basic configuration with the INI file backend and the standalone daemon (recommended for beginners)
you only need to touch

-   * /etc/x2go/x2gobroker.conf
-   * /etc/defaults/x2gobroker-daemon
-   * /etc/x2go/broker/x2gobroker-sessionprofiles.conf
+   * [[x2gobroker:conf|/etc/x2go/x2gobroker.conf]]
+   * [[x2gobroker:daemondefaults|/etc/defaults/x2gobroker-daemon]]
+   *

  The X2Go Session Broker uses several more configuration files. Below is a complete list (for version
0.0.2.x, if not applicable to later versions anymore, please update the below lists):

  __X2Go Session Broker's Core:__