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 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Tue Sep 25 13:25:41 2012 +0200

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Upstream version
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Mike Gabriel (59):
      Continue development...
      Fix x2gosessionlimit script.
      /debian/control: Fix x2goagent dependency.
      fix for commit d70b136ab99623678f34c12f2175570a856eaa77
      typo fix in new upstream version
      Add -pie as linker flag. Fixes non-position-independent-executable (x2gosqlitewrapper.c). The
executable is now completely position independent.
      Wrap padsp around rdesktop calls if pulse is used as audio protocol.
      Add option ,,-r sound:local'' to rdesktop calls if pulse is enabled.
      Add rdesktop and pulseaudio-utils to Suggests.
      Proxy X2Go client-side shares into remote desktop session.
      use if clauses instead of ampersand shell constructions
      /debian/control: typo fix
      For applications inside of a session, use NX's Xrandr library instead of Xorg's Xrandr library (partially
closes #28).
      Depend on nx-libs (>= which has the Xrandr symlinks folder.
      Make sure when launching desktop session through the Xsession mechanism that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
variable stays intact. Closes #29.
      /debian/control: Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers <x2go-dev@...>.
      Priority: optional.
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      * Bump next upstream version to
      typo fix in x2goserver dependency
      fix function name in X2Go::Log
      more fixes for X2GO::* module transistion
      Transform x2godbwrapper.pm into proper Perl module X2Go::Server::DB, package X2Go::Server::DB in
separate package: libx2go-server-db-perl.
      /debian/changelog: typo
      x2goserver package: Depend on libx2go-log-perl, libx2go-server-db-perl.
      whitespace fix
      fix for X2Go::Server::DB transition -> make sure that db_* functions are available in the &main namespace
      we do not provide Perl modules, we provide packages
      fix package name in X2Go::Server::DB
      fix in perldoc template
      add forgotten files for X2Go::Server package
      Transform x2gosqlitewrapper.pl into small wrapper script and move the SQLite3 into Perl package X2Go::Server::DB::SQLite3.
      update wrapper script, last commit was the test version
      Move x2gosqlitewrapper into package X2Go::Server::DB::SQLite3 Perl package.
      Fix file permission.
      Move PostgreSQL DB code into Perl package X2Go::Server::DB::PostgreSQL.
      changelog fix
      add perldoc header to SQLite3 db backend, make sure all man3 pages get installed into
libx2go-server-db-perl package
      PostgreSQL.pm is a module now, return True at the end
      bumb VERSION.* files to
      Only extend LD_LIBRARY_PATH by Xrandr extension for KDE. Breaks GNOME.
      Move X2Go SQL configuration files (/etc/x2go/x2gosql) into package libx2go-server-db-perl.
      update version and date in man pages
      Install /etc/x2go/x2go_logout with its directory x2go_logout.d via Makefile installation.
      Move x2goserver.conf into separate package: x2goserver-common. Provide man page for x2goserver.conf.
      follow-up commit, call Makefile in x2goserver-common from main Makefile
      fix man page section in Makefile
      fix x2goserver-common.install
      wrap too-long changelog line
      Use Breaks/Replaces to exchange x2goserver.conf in x2goserver package by x2goserver.conf in new
x2goserver-common package.
      Move code in pre/post+inst/rm scripts around (from x2goserver package to libx2go-server-db-perl and x2goserver-common).
      more packaging fixes
      Move several x2goserver-* package to x2goserver's Recommends field.
      fix control file
      let libx2go-server-db-perl also break x2goserver
      make sure the x2gouser can access his own home
      Fix new SQLite3 wrapper for db_getmounts Perl call.
      Fix list output in new SQLite3 wrapper.
      Remove redundant setting of loglevel in x2gogetapps.

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      remove "-nolisten tcp" option with XDMCP sessions