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Upstream version
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Daniel Lindgren (2):
      Update Swedish translation.
      update Svedish translation file

Mike Gabriel (43):
      Continue development...
      Revert "Continue development..."
      release revision -0~x2go2
      Continue development...
      Rebuild i18n files, add x2goclient_dk.ts for the new Danish translator (Christoffer Krakou).
      Add Danish translation to x2goclient.
      Proof read Danish translation.
      bump upstream version to, changelog cleanup
      rebuild Danish translation file
      Update German translation.
      Add rdesktop to Recommends.
      Add rdesktop and xfreerdp to Recommends.
      changelog cleanup
      version fix in changelog
      slight i18n/de update
      fix package name for xfreerdp
      code cleanup
      Run X2Go-proxied RDP session with fullscreen mode as sessions of X2Go session type "D". Closes upstream
issue #22.
      fix missing curly brackets
      Allow pass-through of username and password for X2Go-proxied RDP sessions. The strings X2GO_USER and
X2GO_PASSWORD in rdpoptions will be replaced by username+password enter into X2Go Clients login dialog.
      Only replace username+password if they received a value from the login widget of the main window.
      add qt_<lang>.qm files for building on Windows
      Drop i18n idea to translate English to English.
      i18n fixup of resources.rcc
      i18n fixup: Danish in i18n specs is da, not dk.
      Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers <x2go-dev <at> lists.berlios.de>.
      Priority: optional.
      typo fix
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      Update DirectRDP in Danish translation.
      Fix creation of session profile icon on desktop. The .desktop files need the x-bit set. Also: add a
compatibility profile name rewrite for PyHoca-GUI profile names containing a slash, PyHoca-GUI uses a
slash as separator character for submenu cascades.
      changelog cleanup, add closure of upstream issue #34
      Use ,,printf'' instead of ,,echo -e'' (Bashism). Fixes occurences of xinerama.conf files.
      fix for last commit
      Add XFCE as possible session type (closes upstream issue: #51).
      sort session type items
      fix typo fix in x2goclient_de.ts
      New bin:package (all): x2goplugin-provider. Provide basic Apache2 configuration for a demo x2goplugin website.
      Bump Standards version to 3.9.3.
      change typo in changelog, fix decription in control file
      fix typo in ts files, already fix in code
      Bin:package x2goplugin-provider: depend on x2goplugin.

Oleksandr Shneyder (32):
      Add settings for direct RDP connection
      Implement direct RDP connection using standalone client
      Build direct RDP feature only for linux
      add DEFINES += __linux__ to project file when building linux binaries (need to define Q_OS_LINUX in moc generator)
      update "ts" files
      fixed label "SSH port" and "RDP port" to "SSH port:" and "RDP port:". Update "ts files once again"
      * add translation for label "RDP port:". Update "ts" files
      updated russian translation
      Fixed 1 error in russian translation
      Add translation for checkbox "Direct RDP Connection"
      updated "ts" files,updated german and russian translation
      restart pulse server on windows if it crashed
      Show "Advanced Options" button only if RDP session chosen
      Fixing kbd focus issue for all kinds of sessions in thinclient mode
      Add command line parameter --ssh-key and --autologin
      disable check box "use default sound port" if sound disabled
      add support for HTTP proxy - developed by Heinrich Schuchardt (xypron.glpk <at> gmx.de)
      add support for SSH proxy in class SshMasterConnection
      SshMasterConnection emit signal to GUI thread if it need a passphrase to decrypt a ssh key. GUI thread use
input dialog to read a passphrase from user
      Add support for SSH proxy (HTTP and SSH) to X2Go Client Gui
      clean some broker code
      it is possible to add several ssh keys from commandline in form:
--ssh-key=[user <at> ][server:][port:]<path to key> it can be usefull for TCE or login over broker
      improve brocker code add support for "usebrockerpass" config variable to use brocker pass for ssh auth on
X2Go server
      commandline options --broker-user and --broker-noauth
      support for SSH broker. --broker-user removed, use username in broker url instead
      reduce listen interval for ssh-tunnell to 100 msec
      fixed visibility of SSH-proxy box with direct RDP sessions
      SshProcess is only usable over SshMasterConnection
      Fixing SSH proxy support for Windows
      Hide system tray icon before close
      fixing error "Failed to resolve hostname" in plugin mode
      do not show "RDP Settings" group box in plugin mode

Ricardo Diaz (1):
      Add Spanish translation file.

Ricardo Díaz Martín (1):
      Update Spanish translation file.

Terje Andersen (2):
      Update Norwegian Bokmal translation.
      update Norwegian/Bokmal translation



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