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Subject: pyhoca-gui.git - (annotated tag) created:
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Date: Monday 10th December 2012 12:06:51 UTC (over 5 years ago)
The annotated tag, has been created
        at  f40307ed710cb0b3c5aedd1a7b468342a5707edc (tag)
   tagging  5bb9a4b0aa33329c2b2a79260b54a6b87334332a (commit)
 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Mon Dec 10 13:06:41 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
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Christoffer Krakou (1):
      Add Danish translation.

Daniel Lindgren (3):
      Update Swedish translation file.
      Add Swedish translation for NSIS installer.
      Update Swedish translation file (restoreexports).

Dick Kniep (1):
      Update Dutch translation file.

Mike Gabriel (104):
      Continue development...
      add empty ru.po file for initial translation of pyhoca-gui to Russian
      changelog cleanup
      /debian/control: Add Oleksandr Shneyder to Uploaders.
      Session profile file option ,,export'': stay empty if no exports are
      Make sure RDP (X2Go-proxy) sessions stored by PyHoca-GUI get
recognized as such by X2goClient.
      Make session icon handling more robust, be more compatible with X2Go
Client about the session icon name. Rewrite mistakes pyhoca-gui <=
did on the icon attribute in the session profile config.
      Make DirectRDP sessions configurable through PyHoca-GUI profile
      Slight change in internal message box API, rename custom_message
class option to msg.
      Add a warning message box that DirectRDP is not yet supported by
      Widen session type widget to make sure all widget (also when
translated) fit in.
      Depend on python-x2go (>=
      Do not offer DirectRDP sessions in profile manager while connected to
a real X2Go server via SSH.
      Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      Reduce python version in Build-Depends to allow build against Ubuntu
      Configure SSH proxy port in a separate session profile option
      Depend on python-x2go (>=
      Make sure that SSH proxy port migration works flawlessly.
      Allow package build on systems with missing dh_python2.
      changelog cleanup
      Rework session profile manager around SSH proxy settings. Implement
session profile options ,,sshproxysameuser'' and ,,sshproxysamepass''.
      Rebuild of i18n files, update of en.po and de.po.
      Disable ,,usesshproxy'' for DirectRDP sessions.
      Make ,,maxdim'' option configurable through session profile manager.
      i18n update
      i18n update
      rework session profile manager
      rebuild i18n data
      fix de.po
      wrap too-long changelog lines
      Fix naming mismatch ,,autologin'' vs. ,,autoconnect''.
      bump version towards
      Introduce profile manager tab ,,Link Quality''. Move printing into
renamed tab ,,Resource Sharing''. Shrink profile manager window, closes
upstream issue: #13.
      Implement SSH agent, automatic key discovery, and SSH agent
authentication request forwarding in session profile manager.
      rename profile manager tab ,,Shared Resources'' back to ,,Sharing''
      update i18n files
      translation fix (de)
      empty sshproxykeyfile field if sshproxyautologin gets selected
      Add SSH agent README.
      /debian/pyhoca-gui.docs: Install README.i18n into package.
      increment upstream/egg version
      Rename session type XFCE4 to XFCE (using an unversioned session type
      Make pub app session startup more robust.
      old refresh session list if we actually fiddled around with running
pubapp sessions
      Revert "old refresh session list if we actually fiddled around with
running pubapp sessions"
      old refresh session list if we actually fiddled around with running
pubapp sessions
      Allow autologin and SSH key file at the same time.
      Scale profile manager differently on Windows and Linux (Windows needs
a slightly larger window).
      Profile manager: apply text field height to keyboard configuration
radio buttons.
      fine-tune nl.po
      Fix Dutch translation file
      add missing icon images
      add debian/watch file (to watch ourselves ;-) )
      add binary .mo files of new translations (ru.mo, da.mo, also the
non-yet translated fr.mo)
      add symlink to latest paramiko (for devs only)
      add ru and sv translation for NSIS installer (PyHoca-GUI installer
for MS Windows)
      fix last missing msgstr for nl.po
      update binary i18n files
      Fine-tune Russion translation.
      activate Swedish language in NSIS installer
      Disable SSH agent forwarding for Windows. Code in Python Paramiko is
no executable on MS Windows, currently.
      more changes on the NSIS template to activate Russian and Swedish
      fix encoding in sv.nsi
      fix encoding in es.nsi
      starting to work on multi-user installation mode in NSIS installer
      NSIS: allow multi-user mixed mode installation
      don't load language file twice
      NSIS: add long list of installer languages
      do not load the same language file twice
      remove redundancy in NSIS installer logic
      move macro insertions out of function
      MULTIUSER_INIT belongs into onInit
      fix for last commit
      fix LICENSE display with MUI
      fix MUI2 installation
      load language files first
      more MUI fixes
      fixing the NSIS MUI2 installer from a Windows machine
      Use threading.Lock() to prevent from simultaneous calls of the
_init_pubapp_sessions() method.
      query Python X2Go for availability of SSH agent forwarding feature
      fix missing colons at end of it statement
      fix for commit ec4e5f5ddf1e7a35bdb310d99db2947aa9eb2ae9
      more delicate handling of locking and registering pubapp sessions
      var name mismatch
      moving line of code
      add no_auto_register_pubapp_sessions and set it to True
      fix for last commit
      code cleanup with pyflakes
      Implement functionality for restoring mounted shares on session
resumption / re-start. Sponsored by Dick Kniep, LinDix NL.
      rebuild i18n .mo files
      changelog cleanup
      Hide the file sharing submenu if the master session's submenu is
currently disabled due to some current action and an expected session
status change.
      rebuild i18n files
      remove debug code, fix whitespaced EOLs
      remove debug code, fix whitespaced EOLs
      fix sshproxy auth, use new option sshproxy_force_password_auth
      rename Public SSH Key authentication to SSH Key Authentication
      update i18n files for en, de, da, sv, nb_NO, es: remove the
translation for the word public
      rebuild i18n files
      If the profile manager is open for a certain session profile, disable
all menu items that relate to this session profile. Re-enable the menu
items again, once the corresponding profile manager window has been closed.
      make Language-Team: fields equal in all .po files
      Add Danish translation (restoreexports feature).

Nable (1):
      Add Russian translation for NSIS installer.

Oleksandr Shneyder (3):
      Russian translation
      Fixed some errors in russian translation
      Update rsssian translation

Ricardo Díaz Martín (2):
      Update Spanish translation file.
      Update Spanish translation file (restoreexports).

Terje Andersen (2):
      Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file.
      Update Bokmal (Norway) translation file (restoreexports).


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