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Subject: x2gobroker.git - (annotated tag) created:
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Date: Tuesday 12th February 2013 21:50:53 UTC (over 5 years ago)
The annotated tag, has been created
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 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Tue Feb 12 22:52:40 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream test release
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Mike Gabriel (142):
      import simple-broker example as obtained from Oleksandr Shneyder
      re-arrange files into a Debian-package-like source tree
      silence lintian
      fix typo in /debian/control' long descs
      get rid of suidperl, draft only for now
      fix paths in Makefile
      split up x2gobroker-command into a separate binary arch-dep package
      rename x2gobroker-command to x2goserver-broker as it has to be
installed on the host running X2Go server
      /debian/control: Add an initial dependency selection to the various
Depends fields.
      add license headers and full text license: AGPL-3+
      Fix code indentations (spaces replaced by tabs, use proper
indentation levels).
      find proper name for the setuid command: x2gobroker-agent
      filename fix in x2gobroker-agent.install
      re-arrange file structure again, prepare for several broker backend:
ldap, simple, zeroconf
      fixing Debian package build issues
      rename x2gobroker-ldap.pm inside its code, add Depends:
      WARNING: do not try-out the X2Go Session Broker until announced for
testing on our development mailing lists.
      mass code commit: transfer parts into a Perl module source tree, work
on modules
      remove comment
      create x2gobroker user/group and set x2gobroker-agent setuid root,
make sure that only users in the x2gobroker group can execute that script
      /debian/control: add adduser to Depends for x2gobroker-agent
      fixing, securing x2gobroker-agent
      no homedir for x2gobroker user
      fix perl expression, use -t for executing perl
      x2gobroker-agent.pl: remove -t option when starting perl
      fix project name
      Using our own PAM service ,,x2gobroker''.
      fix x2gobroker-common.install
      Make sure libx2go-broker-perl of the same version gets installed with
x2gobroker-common. Add dependencies: libauthen-pam-perl,
      start serious work on the zeroconf broker
      migrate Perl-based code into a Python-based solution using web.py
      first draft of packaging the Python approach of x2gobroker.git
      add defaults.py
      fork web.py process to background in x2gobroker-daemon.init script
      comment out x2gobroker-cgi in debian/control for now...
      /debian/control: add build-dep python-setuptools
      stricten dependencies on our own co-binary packages
      create PID file when starting x2gobroker-daemon
      set process title when running x2gobroker in standalone mode
      /debian/control: add dependency python-setproctitle for x2gobroker
      x2gobroker-daemon.init: make sure daemon process gets stopped
      /debian/control: python-x2gobroker depends on python-pampy
      draft for possible configuration file
      add .gitignore file
      prepare for future API changes, current API name: html, possible API
in the future: JSON, provide working check_access method for now
      white space fix
      catch socket.error exceptions when starting web.py
      X2Go Client uses the POST method, not the GET method
      more work on the broker, get zeroconf broker working
      make daemon bind address+port configurable through
      add documentation for playing with the zeroconf backend
      fix URL in zeroconf README
      allow configuration of some default through environment vars (default
broker backend, path to x2gobroker-agent)
      remove debug output
      check enable option for backends and return 404 if backend is
      fix import error for simple backend
      rename session broker backend simple to singlenodes, start designing
the config files for the singlenodes backend
      complete design of INI file format for
x2gobroker-sessionprofiles.conf, more work on rest of code
      adapt x2gobroker.conf to renaming of the new inifile backend
      new backend option: auth-mech, allow several authentication
mechanisms to be implemented
      Add notice about the acl-... lines in the session profile template
      move the individual auth mechanisms into different methods, so that
they can be easily overridden in customized broker implementations
      fix missing variable declaration
      allow specification of config_defaults in X2GoBroker class(es)
      add basic unit testing framework
      adding a basic testsuite to the project
      fix --config-file cmdline option of x2gobroker-daemon
      replace hard-coded path to x2gobroker.conf by a path that can be
influence by cmdline option and env var
      drop concept of a session profile / user map in separate file
      whitespace fix
      add unittests for the zeroconf broker backend run via the text/plain
web renderer
      return 401 Unauthorized rather then 200 with output value Access
      do not hard-code /etc/x2go/x2gobroker-sessionprofiles.conf anymore,
make it configurable through os.environ
Debian-specific daemon startup mechanism
      fix copyright header in unittests
      comment out html web renderer
      inifile backend: get get_profile_ids and get_profile_defaults working
      implement get_profile() method of inifile backend
      extend test_getprofile so that ACL's can be placed into session
profiles (and defaults) and these ACL's get ignored all the way down
      add test for get_profile_acls (inifile backend), fix get_profile_acls
      add get_profile_acls() method to base.X2GoBroker
      add code+tests for user base ACLs
      code cleanup after pyflakes took a look
      fix backend name in x2gobroker.conf
      fix daemon startup
text in text/plain web renderer anymore, waits for fixing #81 in X2Go BTS add EOL char behind section tag in session profile list rendered by text/plain renderer move inifile backend's list_profiles() method into base.X2GoBroker, as it is so generic config file design update: common backend options (like auth-mech, etc.) shall be configurable globablly. Add new parameters for x2gobroker.conf: user-db, group-db. comment out all config file options, as they are the hard-coded defaults, anyway. Rename *-db and auth-mech in global section to default-* force config processing to unicode simplify test: x2gobroker/tests/test_backend_inifile.py implement base.X2GoBroker.get_authentication_mechanism(), including its unittest add unit tests for get_userdb_backend and get_groupdb_backend remove FIXMEs from web/plain.py add nameservices functionality to X2Go Session Broker move authentication mechanisms into separate files and classes, makes the authentication backend easily extendable rename submodule x2gobroker.backends to x2gobroker.brokers fully rework user ACLs, add group ACLs and many tests that test group ACLs and user+group combined ACLs remove unused import commit forgotten subfolder ,,brokers'' fix package build, rename authmech and nameservice submodules, so they do not interfere with existing python modules on the system adapt ACLs in x2gobroker-sessionprofiles.conf to latest ACL concept changes fix comment in x2gobroker.conf change submodule names, so that each file denotes what its function is whitespace cleanup more global bugfixing, tidying up after submodule rename make sure that the nameservice backend can fall back to hard-coded defaults (=libnss) add test to verify that the configuration of nameservice backend also works make sure that the profile default are deleted from the session profile test list_profiles for inifile backend, make sure that the list profile_ids matches the dictionary keys of the list_profiles return falue some output fixes for the plain web backend sort profiles by profile ids when returned TTW find more occurences of session profiles path that got changed recently add test for the inifile backend that tests a session profile template with ACLs fix comments still pointing to SafeConfigParser, slight change for DEFAULT value UTF-8 fixes in ACL verification code, implement a basic select_session method for the inifile backend change the data structure returned by broker.select_session method UTF-8 fix X2Go Client uses the profile ID to initiate session start up (not the profile name) make sure that all default values appear in rendered session profiles whitespace fixes more whitespace fixes at EOL adapt tests and zeroconf broker to changes in commit 5b273ab1ecaf19c40ce1ea3de05290d5a7fc46cf test explicit user denial in ACLs (re-)add authmech for testsuite fix detection of primary group membership and detection of user list derrival from primary group memberships; also make sure the nameservice backends use unicode objects instead of strings speed-up libnss nameservice: only query all users and groups once fix typo add config option (global): ignore-primary-group-memberships, defaults to true add cmdline switch --debug, only enable http GET method in debugging mode add X2GOBROKER_DEBUG to x2gobroker-daemon.default empty test unit for the web frontend + inifile broker backend no load balancing support, yet update README, TODO fix X2GOBROKER_DEBUG env var enable debug mode when running unit tests typo fixes in test_broker_base.py add client address ACL checks be more tolerant about the value found in env var X2GOBROKER_DEBUG make SSL feature available release Orion Poplawski (1): Importing all of x2gobroker in setup.py causes rpmbuild problems due to DISPLAY not being set. It is overkill as well, causing extra dependencies to be installed at build time. (Fixes: #91). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- hooks/post-receive
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